Policy Papers

Improving business registration procedures

Based on available data, as well as consultations with the business community and other experts, The paper identifies several areas where Bahrain's business registration procedures can be improved to encourage business development. It addresses policy recommendations along the two major reform types: 1) Where necessary, improving laws and regulations pertaining to starting a business; and 2) Where existing laws and regulations are sufficient, improving implementation and enforcement through streamlined processes and procedures.

Export promotion

Exports outside of natural resources are dominated by small manufacturing with almost non-existent export of services. The policy paper studied Bahrain exports data & the efforts to improve the exports. It addressed the challenges and recommended ways to promote the exports of both products & services. 

Access to credit small businesses

This paper investigates the chance of improving access to credit/capital to small businesses by highlighting the area need to be improved in order to ease access to debit/ equity financing by touching on the behaviours of both finance providers and finance seeker in addition to the legal and legislative aspects of that relationship.

Development of Strategies

Developing ICT Sector Strategy

An outline strategy to develop the ICT sector in Bahrain.

National Market Led Education Ecosystem

A detailed & comprehensive model to link the outcome of the higher education to the market needs and bridge the current gap between them. The model connects all stakeholders and help managing the career journey of a person from basic education to beyond retirement. It makes use of, and integrate with, “National Occupation Standards” & “Labour Market Observatory”. It aims to build a national bank of human resources and competencies.

GCC Private Sector Transformation Model

A model to transform the private sector in GCC and make it to lead the economy.

Market Growth Programs

Bahrain SME Development Program

A pilot project carried out to help a group of SMEs from different sectors to expand in the KSA market.

KSA Actionable Market Intelligence

A detailed market research in the Saudi market for potential Bahraini companies to grow & expand in the Saudi market. The research looks into the opportunities in (1) Eastern Province, (2) Manufacturing Sector, (3) New Residential Communities and (4) Saudi Vision 2030 Transformation Program Projects.


Bahrain Macro Economy

An analysis of Bahrain economy in light of government 4 years program.

Decision-Making Process & Stakeholders in 3 GCC Countries

An analysis of the decision-making process in Kuwait, Bahrain & Oman in the social, political & economy spheres and the main stakeholders influencing the process.