Business Growth Challenges

Growth & Expansion 

(1) Business readiness to growth assessment
(2) Conducting detailed market research 

(3) Propose best market entry strategy 

Company Evaluation 

(1) Development of detailed financial model
(2) Investment & returns
(3) Company Net Present Value

Investment Pitch

Investors overview presentation covering:
(1) Proposed business model 

(2) Summary of financial appraisal

(3) Required investment & proposed equity

Operation Challenges

Business Model Development

(1) A business model & a staged growth plan

(2) Operational and expansion budgets required for each targeted market over the next 5 years 

Human Resources Development

(1) Proposed organizational structure for various targeted stages, sales’ channels and markets over the next five years
(2) Proposals for the development for the various human resources teams and job descriptions

Digital Transformation

(1) Documenting of various business processes

(2) Proposal & guidance for digital transformation (Operation Management System “OMS” and Enterprise Resource Planning “ERP”)

(3) Proposals to develop the shopping efficiency for the various electronic channels